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Welcome to AMPM Security Services - Sydney

A professionally managed premier security service company based in Sydney offering highly trained, professional, armed and unarmed Static guards, Mobile patrol, Access control, Event support and Traffic control. We have vast experience in this industry and have been able to grow tremendously throughout the years. Today we are one of the most developed and professional supplier of security guards in Sydney maintaining a high level of professional service with all of our clients. Learn more....

"I highly recommend engaging AM/PM Security Services. They are my preferred security services contractor." –Peter (B C S)
"has been very diligent and quick to intervene in situations when the property and security of the resident was compromised by illegal activities of certain individuals. In these situations he promptly informs the Police Force and as a result of his action the property and safety of us residents has never been compromised." –Eugene (wollicreek)

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AMPM Security Services
95 Arthur street
Strathfield NSW 2135
Sydney, Australia
Tel/Fax: 02 8084 2707
Email : admin@ampmsecurity.com.au

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