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AMPM is a fully licenced security service company that offers a variety of security services tailored to meet all of our client's security needs.

Established in 2004 by Iftequar Baig Mirza, a qualifed graduate in Information Technology from Central Queensland University.

We are operating for more than eight years combining better customer service with cutting edge technology, this is the reason today we have grown into one of the most developed and professional supplier of security guards in Sydney.

We are committed to being the premier provider of the highest quality, customer focused service available in the security industry.

AMPM offers: Manpower Security Officers Mobile Patrol Alarm Responses Access Control Crowd Control Special Events Traffic Control

AMPM extends across all sections of business entities to include residential homes, public buildings and commercial centers, hospitals, malls, Educational institute including Universities and schools, warehousing, residential, supermarkets, banks and financial institutions,factories and retail brands.

The security guards of AMPM are carefully selected and extensively trained who are well prepared to handle any situation. Our guards are trained to use cutting edge technology combining with traditional security ethics in the best possible way. they are like infantry soldiers on the ground who keep a strict vigil , control, report what is happening and act immediately to protect against fire, theft, discourage misbehavior, vandalism or any other illegal activity.


In our daily interaction with clients, customers, contractors, and regulatory authorities, every employee is authorized and required to conduct our business to meet your expectations.

Throughout our company facilities, we prominently display what values mean to AMPM Security Services:

Customer Service

We will never lose sight of the fact that our customers are the most important people to our business. We feel that our excellent service will develop lasting partnership. As a result We have built trustworthy relationships with our customers over the decades by understanding their needs and delivering their expectations in the areas of service, better quality and pricing.


Enhancing innovation and technology into the business is what drives us to find better, faster, and safe ways to perform our work.Utilizing the rapid advancements in security industry give us the competitive edge over our competitors all the time.


To be honest and truthful, in all our attempts, with one another and with all our business partners.


To say what we mean, to deliver what we promise, and to stand for what is right.


To speak up without fear. Report incidents at workplace like violations of laws, regulations, company policies and seek guidance whenever there is doubt.


To obey all the laws of any area in which we provide service and to do our part to make communities in which we live and work better.

Vision and Mission

Our Vision is who and what AMPM Security Services is, distilled to its essence. It is the cultural backbone of our company and does not change over time, no matter what other changes take place around it.

Our Vision states:

Through working together, we will...

  • Compete successfully with the competitors in the world.
  • Makes better place to work.
  • Leave footprints in our industry.


Safety is the most important to everything we do at AMPM Security Services. To us, safety is a relationship with our employees that require us to do everything necessary to send them home safe. Our commitment is to our employees and their families that each father, mother, son and daughter return safely to their families everyday. In order to enhance our safety requirements, we educate all of our employees with seminars and packaged trainings. Our employees works with and encourages all workers to apply prevention and protection to every aspect of their daily tasks.

We are constantly looking for qualified candidates to fill our vacancies
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AMPM Security Services
Suite 3A 9-11 Rochester Street
Homebush, NSW 2140
Sydney, Australia
Phone: 02 8084 2707
Fax : 02 8084 9249
Email : mirza@ampmsecurity.com.au

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